Road Markings

We apply clear and reliable road markings for local highway authorities and surfacing contractors in Taunton and throughout the surrounding area. Using tried-and-tested thermoplastics, we can deliver stunning results quickly and effectively. So, whatever your needs, you can rely on our independent, family-run business. Get in touch to tell us about your next project and we’ll be more than happy to help.

High-quality Line Painting

From residential streets to major dual carriageways, high-quality line painting is always in high demand. Our team of experts is fully qualified and highly experienced, meaning you can expect great results on each and every project. We can cater to:

We use clear, durable markings to deliver clear instructions to road users, allowing everyone to navigate more safely and effectively. For more information, or to arrange a consultation, get in touch.  

Services to Traffic Management Specialists

Road markings are a key aspect of traffic management in a wide range of settings. With decades of experience in the line painting industry, we have a detailed understanding of traffic markings and how they work.

We understand that road lines need to communicate information clearly and effectively. They also need to be resistant to wear and tear from weather and traffic. So, if you’re involved in traffic management and need a reliable local contractor to assist with your next surfacing job, contact our team.

Road Stud Installations

We don’t just offer standard road markings. We also install road studs. Road studs are used to mark the lanes and edges of carriageways and increase visibility when driving at night. This makes them a crucial part of highway maintenance, road surfacing and line marking.

We can install road studs as part of your line marking service or as a standalone service. Get in touch to discuss your needs with our team today. We will offer a professional service and a high-quality finish.

Anti-skid Surfacing

In addition to our wide range of road marking options, we can apply anti-skid surfacing for increased safety. Also known as high-friction surfacing, this product helps reduce the likelihood of skidding or slipping for both vehicles and pedestrians. Contact Amos Traffic Markings Ltd to find out more.

Contact Amos Traffic Markings Ltd

To find out more about our road markings and road stud installations, contact our team today.

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