Road and car park marking, together with safety surfacing and overbanding joint sealing using proprietary products
operating from our depot in Somerset

Road Markings

Demand for road markings has increased dramatically over the last few years. Our aim is to carry out a fast and efficient service with as little inconvenience as possible to normal road users. All are road markings are expertly laid in hot thermoplastic to specific layouts.

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Anti-skid surfacing

Anti-skid surfacing, also called high friction surfacing, gives roads a high level of resistance to skidding, particularly important where this is a high risk of collision.

Our team offer both hot or cold high friction surfacing.

Car Park Marking

Our team at Amos Traffic Markings offer a nationwide service for all your car parking and car park layout needs. We work on all sizes of car parks from small single to larger multi level car parks, all with an expert level of detail.

Using proprietary road marking paint, or hot applied thermoplastic in a wide range of colours, our car park marking services give a professional finish to your car parking requirements.

Overband Sealing to Asphalt & Concrete Surfaces

We provide an overbanding service to repair cracks and joints in asphalt and concrete roads in order to extend the life of the road surface. We are also able to remove unwanted markings and commands. This can be done by various methods including blacking out and scabbling with mechanical tools and hot air lance. All markings carried out on Public highways or adopted roads are subject to the General signs and Road Traffic Signs Act 1986. Private estates and developments are also subject to the same standards as well as local by laws. No job is too small but unfortunately there is a callout charge which depends on the lining material required and as everything we do is subject the weather we appreciate the site being ready when we arrive. To find out more, please contact us.

In addition to road making and car parks, we are also able to offer:

- Playground markings
- Warehouse markings
- Small bespoke marking projects
- Preparation and laying of safety surfaces and anti skid areas
- Speed humps
- Traffic calming schemes
- Installation of reflector studs and cats eyes
- Cycle lanes
- Carriageway warning rumble material

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