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Road, Car Park and Safety Area Markings in Thermoplastic and Approved Road Marking Paint
Road Marking Services
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AMOS Traffic Marking Services offer a nationwide service for single and multi level car park markings in special road marking paint, metallised road tapes or hot applied thermoplastic.

Numbers, letters, direction arrows and restriction lines can all be marked with expert attention to layout drawings.

road markings Road Marking

With the ever increasing lines on roads, lane markings, hazard areas, stop lines, direction arrows, bus stops, no parking lines and kerb blips, letters and road numbers.

Amos Traffic Marking offer a fast efficient service to carry out such works with as little inconvenience as possible to normal traffic users. All expertly laid in hot applied Thermoplastic to specific layouts.

safety surfaces Other Services

In addition to road markings Amos Traffic also carry out the preparation and laying of safety surfaces and anti-skid areas, speed humps, traffic calming schemes. Installation of reflector studs and cats-eyes, cycle lanes and carriageway warning rumble material.

Unwanted markings and commands can also be removed by various methods:- blacking out, scrabbling with mechanical tools and burning off with a thermal lance. (Operatives using these methods have all been certified in their use.)

All markings carried out on Public highways or adopted roads are subject to the General signs and
Road Traffic Signs Act 1986. Private estates and developments are also subject to the same
standards as well as local bylaws.

Temporary markings and diversion layouts are able to be carried out and
removed later or made permanent subject to site requirements.

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