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Road, Car Park and Safety Area Markings in Thermoplastic and Approved Road Marking Paint
Our Client Base
  Our clients are the standard by which we measure ourselves and are the reason we continue to invest and expand our range of services. Below is a sample from our list of recent clients:
loacl authorities
  • Local Authorities
  • Civil Engineers
  • Education Services organisations
  • NHS and Private Health organisations
  • Private Property and Landlords
  • Construction Companies
  • Retail Organisations
  • House and Home Builders
  • Corporate Companies
  • Government Departments

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<blockquote> <blockquote> <p align="center">At the end of the 20th century the increase of traffic and the number of vehicles on the roads has increased the demand for the control of traffic flow with lane markings and advisory warnings for general safety at junctions and intersections. More vehicles also means more spaces and places for them to park in busy town and city centres and increasingly in out of town shopping malls.</p> <p align="center"><a href="line/traffic-markings.htm"><font size="1"> traffic-markings</font></a></p><div align="center"> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" id="table1"> <tr> <td align="center" width="20%" style="text-align: center"><b><font face="Arial" size="2"> <a href=""> Telemarketing Services Berkshire</a></font></b></td> <td align="center" width="20%" style="text-align: center"><b> <font face="Arial" size="2"> <a href="">Public Relations Agency UK</a></font></b></td> <td align="center" width="20%" style="text-align: center"><b> <a href="">Wedding Photography</a></b></td> </tr> </table> </div> <p align="center">Amos Traffic Markings was established to handle the ever increasing demand for road and car park surface line painting and marking and is part of AMOS Consultancy Services.<br> &nbsp;</p> </blockquote> </blockquote> <p align="center"><a href="">Artography</a> <a href="artography_web_design_links.htm">Web</a></p>